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What is she doing tonight?

a) Having a party
b) Meeting family
c) Going out
What will she try to do first?
a) Cook dinner
b) Play cards
c) Take a nap
What did she just buy?
a) Make up
b) Dancing shoes
c) Giant cards
When will she leave?
a) 7:30
b) 9:00
c) 11:00
Where did she learn the card game?
a) TV in England
b) TV in Japan
c) Neither

Uh. Clair, what are your plans for tonight?
Well, tonight, first of all I'm going to head back home and take a nap
because I've got a big night ahead of me. So, I'm going to be going out
quite late, about 11:00 so I'll need my energy, but unfortunately,
I don't think I'll be able to have much of a rest because it will be probably
half past seven (7:30) by the time I get home and I need to start getting ready
at about 9:00 so, an hour and a half max.

Actually, what do you do to get ready when you go out?
Um, well, have a shower, get changed, and then, play some games
OK. What games do you play?
Well, we've recently acquaired a giant pack of cards, so we'll be playing some card games
with the giant cards.

So, can you like, give a specific game that you play?
Well, I don't know if you know the game "Play Your Cards Right"
No, no, how do you play?
It's actually a TV game show. We take it from that. And it's very simple. You have a row of cards
that you can't see. And you turn over the first one, and you have to say whether the next card is
going to be higher or lower. Very simple, so, so you turn over a 10, and you say lower, and it's a 6,
so you carry on. You say, "higher" and it's a 4, and if you're wrong....so as you can imagine, it's
very easy to wrong.

Yeah. It sounds like a good game. Well, have a good time tonight.
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