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Who is a lean fit guy?

a) Devon
b) Todd
c) Neither
What does Devon do three times a week?
a) Swim
b) Yoga
c) Run
How many meals does he eat a day?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
What food does he avoid?
a) Candy Bars
b) Soda
c) Meat
What advice does he give Todd?
a) Eat less
b) Eat better food
c) Run more

OK, Devon, I've been putting on a few pounds and you're quite a lean fit guy.
Well, thank you.
Um, what do you recommend? What can I do to lose weight?
Well, I exercise a lot. I go running at least three times a week.
But more than that I enjoy playing sports...and so different sports use
different muscles and all of it helps
to lose that weight that you might have gained.

Yeah, well, actually, one of the problems is that I actually exercise a
Do ya?
Yeah, so maybe it's my diet.
It could be and so in that case you might want to eat something perhaps more nutritious
or maybe even less of what you do eat. Maybe, I eat three meals a day and I try not to
snack in between. No potato chips. No popcorn. No candy bars.

That's pretty tough!
It is tough but......Well, I must admit that I cheat every once in awhile but...
Ok, I'll give it a try....but actually, you see my problem is that I like
junk food. So I have to choose: either I eat less or I eat a better diet.

What do you think is more important?
I think that if you are exercizing then you should just eat what you want and
eat less.

Eat less. Ok. This is going to be tough!
Well, I have no dought that you will do the best that you can.
Alright! Thanks a lot Devon.
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