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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.


Does he like to stay up late?

a) Yes, all the time
b) Never
c) Only on the weekend
Does he like where he lives?
a) Yes, he does
b) No, he doesn't
c) He does not say
Why is he moving?
a) He is shy
b) He has a new job
c) He is getting married
What will his new job be?
a) Waiter
b) Manager
c) Cook / Chef
What cuisine will he work with?
a) French
b) Japanese
c) Italian

OK. Daisuke, we're going to talk about the guesthouse.
We live at the same guesthouse.
There's lots of people here.
Um, what do you think about the guesthouse?
Uh, it's quite nice to meet different people from different countries.
Uh-huh, what do you do at night at the guesthouse?
At night?
Normally, I work quite early, so I start working quite early so, I'm sleeping at night.

Oh, you don't party with the people, or have drinks or anything?
Only on Saturday. But Saturday, after I work, after work I go to Ginza to have a drink
with my workmates.

Oh, OK.
Then, I come back quite late, so maybe I stay here maybe for two hours or something..
Oh, really! Oh, OK. Um, and do you know everybody at the guesthouse? Do you know everybody here?
I don't think I know everbody, but I know some people who comes down to the first floor, and yeah.
Yeah, you just hang out?
Hang out.
Yeah, OK, um, and how long do you plan to live here at the guesthouse?
My plan is, um, I'm gonna live here within one month, so it will be, uh, four months.
Four months. Oh, you're going to move.
Really? Why?
Uh, I'm searching for the job in the restaurant. As long as, as I get the job
I'd like to move and live close to the restaurant. Cause the restaurant life
is quite long hours, so I have to live, you know, live close to the restaurant.
Get some sleep.

Yeah. What kind of restaurant job? Cook or waiter or..?
A chef.
A chef?
A cook, of course cook.
Oh, OK.
I don't get any skills, I don't have any skills, so I have to start from the
bottom, but, I want to do the Japanese cuisine.

Oh, OK. Great! Alright thanks a lot Daisuke.

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