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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

How many people were in his tour?

a) 11
b) 13
c) 7
What was the landscape like?
a) Lots of trees
b) It was flat
c) Many mountains
What could he get on each train?
a) Sweets
b) Water
c) Fish
Where did he get food?
a) Platforms
b) The Carraige
c) His friend
What animal did he see a lot of in Mongolia?
a) Bears
b) Horses
c) Camels

Devon, I hear that you took the train across Russia.
Yes, I started in Moscow, travelled through Russia, Mongolia, and ended up
in China.

Wow! That's a long way!
Yes, it was. It took three weeks. I did it as part of a tour with ten other people.
Man, that's a cool trip. That must of cost a lot of money.
It did cost a lot of money but not a lot of people can say they have done that, and so,
I looked in, I researched the trip several months before I actually took it. A friend and
I did it together and there was one other American and the rest of the people were from

OK. Cool! What was the landscape like?
A lot of it was flat and for miles around you could see absolutely nothing, and as you
got into Siberia there was scattered trees, and when we got into Mongolia you could see
some Camels every once in awhile, but besides that there was a whole lot of nothing.
Wow! Just wild camels!
Wild Camels around the drinking whole. Yes, saw that more than once.
So how did you eat on this train?
We stopped several times along the way and upon every platform you could buy food
that local people were selling. A lot of it consisted of dried fish and other types
of Russian delicacy and a lot of noodles that you heated up with hot water. Every train
had hot water on it on every carraige so you were always able to make noodles if you were

So was this a luxurious train or was it a pretty basic...?
It was pretty much the most basic you could get. There were no animals on board but
sometimes they were coal heated so it was very basic.

Wow! Would you do it agian?
Great question! Would I do it again? Yes, I would do it again but I would wait several years to do it.
One because it does cost a lot of money and two because there are many other things to do and see.
OK. Thanks a lot Devon.
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