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What is her coat made of?

a) Rubber
b) 'Muppet fur'
c) Wool
Does she eat meat?
a) No
b) Yes
c) Sometimes
Does she eat eggs or milk products?
a) Yes, sometimes
b) Yes, but almost never
c) No, never
What is hard to avoid in Japan?
a) Chicken
b) Beef
c) Fish
Is it easier or harder to be a vegetarian in her country?
a) Harder
b) Easier
c) No difference

Gabreille, I saw your jacket. That's quite lovely.
Oh, thank you! Thank you.
Where did you get it?
Actually, I bought it in New Zealand. Yeah, In New Zealand winter.
OK. What's it made of?
Well, it's cotton and what I call 'muppet fur' so it looks like animals
but because I'm an animal lover I would not wear an animal, so it feels
nice. It feels nice.

So are you a vegetarian?
I am.
What kind of vegetarian are you?
Uh, I'm a pretty strict vegetarian. I don't eat fish or meat, chicken, etc.
Well, do you eat dairy products?
I do occassionally. Yeah, I think my body needs the eggs and the milk sometimes.
What's the hardest thing about being a vegetarian?
Living in Japan and being a vegetarian is a little difficult because fish is
very important. It's sometimes difficult to avoid. Yeah, getting a meal with
something in it.

Yeah, yeah, that is a bit hard.
Um, so in New Zealand is it very easy to be a vegetarian?
Yes, it's a lot easier. I usually cook most of my own meals so that makes
it easy, and of course understanding English on the menus at home makes it
a lot easier as well.

And the ingredients.
OK. Thanks a lot.
No problem.
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