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Where is she going?

a) Back home
b) On a tour
c) On a business trip
What will she do?
a) Go to the beach
b) Attend a wedding
c) Meet clients
Where is she from?
a) Aukland
b) Christchurch
c) Wellington
What does she miss back home?
a) The pay
b) The news
c) Her pets
What other pet does she have?
a) A cow
b) A duck
c) A cat

Hello, Gabrielle!
How are you doing today?
Good thanks.
Now, Grabrielle, I hear that you are going back home to New Zealand
That's right. I'm going home for summer.
OK. What are your plans?
Um, probably a week relaxing, going camping, and then I'm going back to work.
Oh, OK. Where do you work?
I teach as an English teacher in Christchurch, in New Zealand.
Oh, OK. And that's where you're from, naturally.
That's right..
Were you born there?
I was. Yeah!
Well, you are going to have this short little break, or vacation, are you
gonna go to the beach...the mountains?
Uh, probably..probably to the beach and camping for about a week with friends, yeah!
Actually, how warm is it in the summer?
Probably a maximum of about 30 degrees. A nice dry heat! Very comfortable.
So when you go to the beach is the water warm enough to swim in?
No, no, no! We swim but it is not warm. Yeah! It's pretty chilly actually.
OK. Any other plans when you go home?
Ah, yeah, I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and family and animals.
Well, I miss my pets.
OK, well, what pets do you have?
Well, I have a cat and a dog and a sheep called Sydney and two gold fish.
Yeah! And I really miss them.

I'm sure they're really excited to see you. Alright, thanks a lot.

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