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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

Who does she keep in touch with?

a) Family
b) New friends
c) Old friends
How does she keep in touch?
a) Home phone
b) Letters
c) Instant messenger
How did she learn about most of what she knows about computers?
a) She read a book
b) She learned it at school
c) She picked it up
How old is her computer?
a) 2 years old
b) 3 years old
c) 5 years old
What have kids stopped doing?
a) Writing letters
b) Using home phones
c) Playing video games

OK, Jeena, you like the computer!
Yes, I do.
OK. Talk to us about computers.
Well, I go on the computer a lot and I talk with friends
through AOL instant messenger. And I just moved from my
hometown to Sacremento so it's a good way to keep in touch
with old friends.

Yeah. Do you learn about computers at school or on your own?
I picked most of what I know, I've picked it up, through, ya know, the years,
and some at school, like keyboarding and such.

OK. Do you have a laptop or a PC?
I have a PC. A Compac.
Do you like your computer or do you want a new one?
I want a new one cause I think I screwed mine up and it's a little bit slow now.
OK. How long have you had your computer?
I've had it for about 3 or 4 years.
Oh, yeah, that's pretty old for a computer. Yeah, so do you talk to your friends every night by e-mail?
Yeah, yes I do.
See going on and you know the gossip.
So nowadays, do high school kids talk by e-mail more than phone?
Uh, most people talk by either e-mail or cellular phone. You know
a lot of people don't use their house phones as much, and a lot
of people have cellular phones.

OK. Thanks a lot Jeanna.

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