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What does Jeff write about?

a) What he knows
b) What he is learning
c) What he is told
What is his manuscript about?
a) Food
b) His childhood
c) People
Before, what did he think about writing?
a) It looked difficult
b) Anyone could do it
c) It looked fun
What do people underestimate about writing?
a) The costs
b) The ease
c) The time it takes
How does he feel about writing now?
a) It is no longer special
b) It's difficult but fun
c) It is easy for him now

OK, Jeff, you're a writer.
A little bit.
OK. Talk about writing.
Um, mm, I write, I think you, writers write about what they know. So, uh, and I
don't know much so....so it's difficult, difficult to be a writer. Now, writers
write about what they know so, um, I'm writing, I have a manuscript now about, uh,
um, travelling, the people, the people I've come in contact with and, uh, what
I thought about then, in the situation we've been in when we've met, sort
of thing. But it's difficult, it's not easy, it's not an easy thing to do. At
first I did sort of thinking, mm, anyone could do it almost if you put the time
into it but now I think it's very difficult, you, you have to be creative, and
it's a lot harder than I think it seems, to pick up a finished product, a book,
um, a physical book, or to take a book from the library, I think it's, you underestimate
the time that has gone into it. It's a long, lot of effort behind it so..it's fun,
I like it, but it's very difficult. But it's good.

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