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Where does he go fishing?

a) Lake
b) River
c) Ocean
Is it hard for him to catch fish?
a) Not really
b) Yes, very hard
c) Never
How many fish does he usually catch?
a) 1 to 2
b) 3 to 4
c) 5 to 10
Do he keep them all?
a) Sometimes
b) Always
c) Never
Why does he put the fish back in the water?
a) He hates fish
b) He loves the fish
c) Because of pollution
Fill in the missing words

Now, Josh, besides playing basketball and working at the pool you also are quite the fisherman.
Oh, I, I like to say that. Yeah.
Yeah, so talk to us about fishing.
Um, fishing! Fishing is basically what I do to get away from everybody else.
Just go out by yourself and be kind of alone and away from everything.
Mm-hm. OK. Where do you go fishing? In a lake? In a river?
Um, I go all over. I live on an Air Force Base and they have a couple of lakes and some ponds.
When you go out is it hard to catch fish?
No, not really. It's pretty easy.
How many fish do you usually catch?
Um, probably about five to ten.
Five to ten! Do you keep them all?
No, I put them back. I don't eat them.
You don't eat fish?
Not from the base.
Oh, really! OK. Why not?
Um, because of the airplanes, the pollution. It's not really safe to eat the fish.
Wow. It's toxic fish.
Pretty much, yeah!
OK. Alright. Thanks a lot Josh
Question and Response

Q1: Do...?

Q2: Have...?

Q3: Do...?

Q4: Do....?

Q5: Is....?