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Does she speak the language where she lives?

a) No, not yet
b) A little
c) Yes, very well
What other country are her roommates from?
a) Ireland
b) Canada
c) England
Where did she first meet Jessica?
a) America
b) Airport
c) The apartment
Why did she want a roommate?
a) To save money
b) To not be isolated
c) To learn Japanese
Does she like having roommates?
a) Yes
b) No
c) It depends on the day

So, JJ, I hear you've got a good living arrangement.
I love it, and of course, you know, like any person, I was
a little bit leery of living with roommates but at the same time I thought
living in a foreign country I didn't want to isolate myself
completely, especially since I don't speak the language and
I first met Jessica at the airport and when we were close to
tears from laughing so hard on the train ride from the airport
to Matsudo Station realized this is going to be a good living
arrangement, and we got here and the Brits had taken one half of
the apartment and so we Americans moved into the other half and have
gotten along brilliantly, even the little squabbles that tend to come
up seem to be solved fairly quickly, maturely and I love it. This is
the best living arrangement I've ever had. At the same time I think it's
kind of something that's, that can be expected when you come to teach abroad.
It takes a certain kind of person to decide to leave everything
familiar behind and meet new people, have new experiences.
You're not taping any of this are you.

No, I am actually
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