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What kind of movie is it?

a) Drama
b) Comedy
c) Action
How would you feel about this movie?
a) Sad
b) Scared
c) Excited
What is the decision about?
a) A job
b) Children
c) Friends
When does the movie take place?
a) Present and future
b) Future only
c) Past and present
What is fantastic about the movie?
a) The acting
b) The history
c) The action

OK. Jamie, We're going to talk about movies.
OK, Great!
Uh, what is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is kind of a heavy movie. It's a called Sophie's Choice with Merryl Streep
and Kevin Cline.

It's a, it's a movie, it's set in World War II. Meryll Streep plays a Polish woman who has come
to America and she's met a man, Kevin Kline, who has a series of problems of his own, mostly psychological,
which she is not 100 percent aware of and she does a bunch of scenes where she thinks of the past
and the very difficult decision she had while, during the war, living in Poland, she had to decide
between two children, which one would be murdered by the Nazis, and which one wouldn't, and it's
an ethical delimna she faced at that time, and she made and immediate decision on, and affected
her the rest of her life.

It's a fantastic movie, not the story in itself, of course the story was brilliant, but the acting,
the fact that she speaks Polish, she speaks German, She speaks English with a Polish accent, which
is amazing, a writer who is actually a narrator in the movie as well, his character is great. Kevin
Kline is a basically a psycho character. He is a little bit deranged in itself is pretty neat. So,
all in all, the characters, the plot line, the movie, it's fanatasic.

OK. Great. Sophie's Choice.
Sophie's Choice. I think it actually won an academy award in 1985 or 84.
OK. Great. Thanks a lot.
My pleasure.

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