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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

How many places did she visit?

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
What other city is in Nevada?
a) Tahoe
b) Reno
c) San Diego
What is Las Vegas the most interesting place?
a) It never rests
b) Fun people
c) Lots of kids
How did she get there?
a) Car
b) Train
c) Plane
Where else did she go?
a) Grand Canyon
b) Yosemite
c) Hoover Dam


OK. We're back with Jeanna. Um, you wanna talk about your summer vacation.
Sure. I went to Las Vegas, Nevada; Reno, Nevada; Tahoe, California;
and San Diego, California and I went to Disneyland.

Wow! Sounds like a really good time.
Yeah, it was. It was a lot of fun.
What was the best place?
Um, probably Las Vegas.
It was the most interesting.
OK. why was it the most interesting?
It was just really busy and there was always stuff going on.
Ya know, never resting.

OK. Ah, for example what stuff is going on? Like, what did you do?
Um, well, we went shopping a lot, in a lot of different casinos that had malls in them.
Um, went and visited the Hoover Dam.
Oh, wow! It's pretty big.
Yeah, really big.
That's a lot of water. Did you go swimming?
Can you swim in the Hoover Dam?
Um, you can swim in the reservoir.
I mean in the reservoir. Yeah. OK. How did you get to Las Vegas?
Ah, by plane from Oakland to Las Vegas.
OK. How long did it take?
Uh, about an hour and forty five minutes.
OK. Do you think you'll go back to Las Vegas someday in the future?
OK. Great. Thanks a lot Jeanna.
You're welcome.

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