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Who lives in the tatami room?

a) Keri
b) Her roommate
c) No one
Who usually cooks for dinner?
a) Keri
b) Her roommate
c) They both do
Who gets home first?
a) Keri
b) Her roommate
c) They go home together
What did they have for dinner last night?
a) Curry
b) Salad
c) Pizza
What does Keri do around the house?
a) The shopping
b) The cleaning
c) The yard work

So, Keri, I hear you have a new house.
Yes, I do. Oh, so what's your new house like?
It's small, it's old. It's mostly wooden in the inside. It has two rooms
and a balcony off of those rooms and downstairs there's like a living room
area and a tatami mat room, kitchen, bathroom.
Wow, so do you live in the tatami mat room?
No, there's two tatami mat rooms. There's one upstairs and there's one
downstairs and I don't live in either. One we use as kind of a spare room
and the other one is my roommates bedroom.
Oh, OK. So you have a roommate.
What's it like having a roommate?
It's good. It's good. I like living alone too but sometimes it's nice to
come home and have someone there and my roommate gets home before I do and she
likes to cook so often she's cooked dinner for me.
Wow, that's nice.
I know.
Well, you do all the cleaning?
Well, now that you mention it, I do a lot of the cleaning, but not all of it.
Oh, OK. Well, what kind of things does she make you?
Last night she made curry. I think it was an Indian curry..tomato based.
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