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Kevin lived in New York when he was...?

a) A child
b) A teenager
c) An adult
What did he watch out the window?
a) People
b) Cars
c) Airplanes
How do you open a bay window?
a) You slide it
b) You roll it
c) You push it
Where did he get a bath from Grandma Stevens?
a) In the bathroom sink
b) In a large bowl
c) In the kitchen sink
Who was Grandma Stevens?
a) His mom's mother
b) His dad's mother
c) His neighbor downstairs

OK. Hello!
Hi! How you doing?
I'm doing pretty good.
Uh, what's your name?
My name is Kevin.
Kevin. And where are you from?
I'm from Pheonix, Arizona.
OK. Nice.
In the United States.
Wow, were you born in Pheonix?
Uh, actually, no. I was actually born in New York, because, uh, my parents happened to be living in New York at that time . My father was a Major Leaugue Baseball player, and the year I was born, 1971, uh, he was playing with the Mets in New York City, and my birthday is in May, May 25th, to be precise, and so my mother happened to be with my father in New York cause it was baseball season, so I was actually born in New York, but I grew up, uh, in Pheonix. so Phoenix is what I consider to be my home town.
Wow! That's Amazing! Do you remember anything about New York?
Yes, actually, I do, uh, have a few memories because we spent probably three years there, um, from the time I was born, obviously, until I was about two and a half or three years, we spent summers, or the baseball season in, in New York, and we rented a condominium, um, on the second floor, and I remember, it was right across the street from La Guardia Airport, and so of course, when I was a little kid, one, one and two years old, I used to love sitting by the kitchen windows, and I even remember it was a bay window, the kind where you can roll the window open,
and I used to roll the window open, and just watch the airplanes take off and land all day.
Wow! That's cool.
And another memory I have is the people, the couple that lived below us was an elderly couple and they acted pretty much like our grandparents, so I actually called them Grandma and Grandpa, and, uh, Grandma Stevenson used to give me a bath in the, in her, in her kitchen sink, cause I was so small
That she would actually give me a bath in her kitchen sink, and I remember that as well.
Wow, those are good memories. OK. Thanks a lot Kevin.
You're welcome.
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Q1: Where...?

Q2: Who...?

Q3: Do...?

Q4: Where....?

Q5: Are....?