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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

What does he have a view of?

a) The Pacific Ocean
b) Lake Yamanaka
c) Mt. Fuji
What does he jog around sometimes?
a) A golf course
b) A lake
c) The campus
For Kevin, what is the best thing about nature?
a) The sounds
b) The view
c) The stress relief
What is chaotic?
a) The forest
b) His students
c) Tokyo
What can you hear right now on the tape?
a) Birds
b) Insects
c) Cars
Ah, OK. Hello, Kevin!
Hi, Todd. How are you?
Uh, doing pretty good.
Ah, kevin we're gonna talk about nature.
Uh, first of all could you tell the listener where we are?
Well, let's see. We are on, kind of on the side of a hill in the forest,
uh, but we have a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji on the other side of the valley.
Yeah. It's really nice here.

Yeah, it is. Um, why are you in this forest right now?
Well, I'm, I'm currently working and I'm teaching an intensive Enlgish course up here at the,
the campus, up here in the forest.

Oh, nice. Do you take any walks in the woods?
Yes, I , I enjoy taking walks in the woods, and sometimes I even go for a jog in the woods,
there are a few trails around here and there's a nice, a nice golf course as well that
you can run around.

Ok, great! What's the best thing about the, being in nature? in the forest?
Well, for me it's, uh, the, the, stess relief that it provides, uh, especially living in,
in Tokyo, which is of course one of the world's largest and most chaotic cities.
It's also nice to get back out into nature sometimes and just hear the insects,
which obviously we can hear very clearly right now, as well as some birds, and,
uh, you know it's just nice to get back out into nature.

Ah, I agree. OK. Thanks a lot Kevin.
You're welcome.

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