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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

Does Kevin play now?

a) Yes, does
b) Sometimes
c) Not anymore
What's the best thing about rugby?
a) The running
b) The teamwork
c) The violence
What sport is it similar to?
a) Soccer
b) American Football
c) Hockey
Where did he get stitches?
a) His leg
b) His ear
c) His lip
What has he broken?
a) His leg
b) His nose
c) His arm

OK, Kevin, I hear that you're from Wales.
Yes, I'm from Wales.
And you're really into rugby!
Yeah, I love rugby. Um, in Wales everybody plays rugby, in primary school,
in junior high school we play rugby. When I was in high school everybody in
my high school had to play rugby. All the boys had to play rugby. And it's our
national sport.

OK. Uh, do you still play now?
Ah, I played about five years ago. I played in Japan in Kobe.
The club was called Kobe Regata club.

And they were very strong. Yeah, but in this country you play on sand, but in
Wales you play on grass. It's a lot easier to play rugby in Wales.

Um, What's the best thing about rugby?
Ah, violence. Ah, it's very good because you can run and you can hit somebody
and you don't go to jail for doing it so...it's the same as if you've been to
America, the same as American football. Uh, it's very strong and when you practice
you become stronger. You're body becomes stronger and it's just fun to play rugby.

Have you ever broken a bone or...?
I've broken my nose, I've had about ten stitches in my bottom lip. Ah, I've broken a
finger. That's not too bad. Many of my friends have broken their legs and knees...
and problems but not too bad for me.

OK. Great. Thanks a lot Kevin.
Thank you.
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