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Listen and then click the mouse over
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What does her sister do?

a) Works
b) Stays at home
c) Studies at university
Where does her sister live?
a) Tokyo
b) Osaka
c) Kobe
How often to they contact each other?
a) Once a month
b) Once a week
c) Once a day
What do they often do together?
a) Fight
b) Study
c) Go shopping
What did she give her sister for her birthday?
a) Nothing
b) A necklace
c) A card and flowers

OK, Hello, Kanade!
Hi, Todd.
How are you doing?
Good, how are you?
Pretty good. Kanade, you talk about your little sister a lot.
Yes, I like her. Her name is Asuka. She's a university student now.
She's two years younger than I and we are so close so we see each other
more than twice in a month. Um, people say we don't look like each other,
we don't look similar, but sometimes we see, we look very similar in the
pictures. She lives in Tokyo so we can have some coffee on the weekends or
go shopping sometimes.

So what did you sister give you as your last birthday gift?
Birthday gift? We don't really give the birthday gift instead but we
give each other some small letter or something in normal day.

That's nice.
Yeah, surprise.
Are you in contact with each other every day by e-mail
Every day, almost every day or sometimes the phone.
Do you guys ever fight?
Ah, not really. I really like her so always, when she always asks me something I
always do that.

Wow! What a good big sister.
I know that!
Wow! That's sweet. Well, if you're sister is listeing what would you like to tell
her right now.
I'm, always with you so, you can do whatever you want.
Oh, you're a nice sister. Thanks a lot Kanade.
Thank you, Todd.

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