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How many people live in Wales?
a) 4 million
b) 5 million
c) 6 million
Does it snow a lot?
a) Not too much
b) No, never
c) Yes, a lot
What is a common job?
a) Fishing
b) Painting
c) Mining
Why is Kevin brave?
a) He boxes
b) He windsurfs in bad conditions
c) He has no insurance
What does Kevin want you to do?
a) Visit Wales
b) Raise sheep
c) Choose your ties carefully

OK, Kevin, we're back. Could you talk a little bit about Wales.
Yeah, Wales is quite a small country. It's west of England.
There are about four million people who live in Wales. It's a bit
like Japan. It's quite cold in the winter. Not much snow. But lots
of sheep there. And the people are quite friendly. I suppose it is quite a
poor area. Not many rich people. A lot of people are farmers. And a lot of
people are miners. They coal..they mine for coal. But it is a very beautiul land.
Lots of mountains. So I like it. The weather is cold. Even in summer it is not too hot.
So if you do surfing or windsurfing, which I do, you have to be very very brave.
Yeah, but please come and visit Wales.

OK, thanks Kevin.
Thank you!

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