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Where was Leath born?

c) Zimbabwe
What does "lacker" mean?
a) Cool
b) Lazy
c) Poor
What has he seen at night?
a) Leopard
b) Lion
c) Owl
What animals take people from time to time?
a) Rhino
b) Elephant
c) Leopard
What do you have to stop for sometimes?
a) Lions
b) Elephants
c) Monkeys

OK, Leath, you're from Zimbabwe. Could you talk about that?
Yeah, OK. Well, I'm from Harare, which is the capital of Zim.
And I was born there. My folks are British. My dad is from Manchester
and my mom is from Scottland. They went out a long time ago. And, yeah,
growing up in Zimbabwe was "lacker" as we say there. That means really cool
in Africans. It was like..you grow up in an open free place with animals and
sunshine and it's just a really healthy place to be. Well at least it was. Today
it's not doing to well because the economy is crashed, but growing up there was
really slick.

Wow! What animals could you see?
Ah, just about an hours drive out of any city, you are liable to come across
just about anything. I've seen leapords often at night about an hour out of
the capital where I live. You see monkeys along the road, right up to the city
outskirts. In certain areas you'll have to stop for elephants. There's quite a
few buck warning signs because they are actully quite dangerous at night.
They jump across the road and your cars hit them at windscreen height.
It is a bit of a problem. So, there's buck everywhere. And then away from
residential areas, there's you know your big five, rhino, lion being the most...
well interesting and I guess for foreigners. They are never really never
around human settlement cause they are very very dangerous. They do take
people from time to time.
Wow! That's fascinating. Thanks a lot Leath.
You're welcome buddy! OK.

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