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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

What is a Kiwi?

a) A fish
b) A vegetable
c) A bird
Can it fly?
a) A little
b) Of course
c) Not at all
When does it come out?
a) In the morning
b) All the time
c) At night
Where is the easiest place to see a Kiwi in New Zealand?
a) A lake
b) A zoo
c) A pet shop
What color is the rarest Kiwi?
a) Red
b) Black
c) Brown

OK, Leonard, now, when most people think of Kiwi, at least Americans, uh, we think of the fruit.
Right, right. Also in Japan as well.
Oh, really! OK. But, uh, people from New Zealand are called Kiwis not because of the fruit I take it.
That's right. That's right. The nickname for New Zealanders is Kiwi, and actually the Kiwi bird...
Kiwi is actually a Maori name, and Maori are the native people of New Zealand.

Oh, wow!
And, uh, so Kiwi, the pronunciation of Kiwi K-I-W-I KEE-WEE, Maori has similar pronunciation
to the Japanese language, ah, ee, uu, eh, oh. They pronounce the vowels.

OK. I'm..what is Kiwi?
A kiwi is a, uh, nocturnal bird, which only walks, it doesn't fly.
OK. So nocturnal means it only comes out at night.
Right. Right. And in the deep forest. Actually, you'd never see a Kiwi if you went to New Zealand,
unless you went to the zoo.

Oh, really!
And the brown Kiwi is the most, uh, rarest of them all. They're only I think, there are less than
one thousand brown kiwis left.
Wow. So..
It can only be found in New Zealand.
Ok. OK. maybe I missed it but can it fly.
No, no it can't.
It can't fly.
It can only walk.
Wow, so it only comes out at night...in the deep forest and it can't fly.
You'd be surprised. If you go to New Zealand, uh, there are over twenty different
types of birds that walk.

Really! That's fascinating. Well, thanks for telling us about the Kiwi.
You're welcome.
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