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What do his friends call him?

a) Leo
b) Lenny
c) Leonard
What is the population on New Zealand?
a) 3 million
b) 4 million
c) 1.2 million
What is the population of Auckland?
a) 1.2 million
b) 2.1 million
c) 4 million
What is the best thing about New Zealand?
a) The costs
b) The outdoors
c) The food
Where is New Zealand especially beautiful?
a) Auckland
b) The North Island
c) The South Island


Uh, could you introduce yourself please?
Sure. My name's Leonard Tui. I'm from Auckland, New Zealand.
Wow! Great! Leonard?
Yes, Leonard.
OK. Do people call you Leaonard?
Some people call me Leonard.
Some call me Leo. Some call me Lenny.
Oh, wow! Quite, quite a few. Back home, what do your friends call you?
Back home just Leonard.
Leonard. Oh, OK! Great, um, so tell us about New Zealand.
Well, I come from Auckland which is the largest city in New Zealand. The total population of New Zealand is just
under 4 million. Auckland has roughly the one point two million.

OK. Oh, great.
And, uh, Auckland is in, more near top of the North Island. The weather there is pretty mild.
OK. What is the best thing about New Zealand?
Um, I would say the outdoors, the nature, just basically getting outside...enjoying life.
OK. How long has it been since you lived in New Zealand?
It's been seven years now.
Oh, really! Wow, do you miss it?
I actually miss the, the social side, the family and the outdoors.
Yeah, yeah, I hear it's a beautiful place.
Oh, it is. Especially in the South Island.
Wow! Yeah, I really hope to go there sometime. I hear it's just a fantastic place. OK. Thanks a lot.
You're welcome.
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