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What is well know about New Zealand?

a) The All Blacks
b) The soccer team
c) The weather
When is the World Cup?
a) June
b) May
c) October
What country is in the Tri-Nation Cup?
a) Japan
b) England
c) South Africa
What sport does Leonard like?
a) Soccer
b) Rugby
c) Tennis
What does Leo say he is going to do this Saturday?
a) Watch soccer
b) Watch rugby
c) Play Soccer

OK, Leonard, ah, you're from New Zealand.
Yes. Yes.
So we're going to talk about your country's national pastime.
Oh, that would be Rugby.
Uh, the All Blacks is well known around the world, especially here in Japan.
Especially if you talk to nearly any Japanese, they'll know the word All Black.
Uh, It's actually the World Cup, uh, this year, in October.
Really, where, where is the World Cup?
It's actually held in Australia.
Oh, really!
And around, around, mainly around Sydney.
And right now is the rugby Tri-Nation Cup, which is, huh,
a match between New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.

OK. Do you play rugby?
I don't play rugby. I played rugby in school, but I actually play soccer.
Oh, really! OK. So you're kind of a, an anomoly?
Yes, yes, yes! I do support the team, and I like to watch all the games.
And I have a lot of friends here in Japan, and we get together just to watch the game.
There's actually a game this Saturday. New Zealand against Australia, which is a big one.

Are you going to watch he game?
Oh, Yes! Definitely!
All right! Well, go, go All Blacks.
That's right.
OK. Great. Thanks a lot Leonard.

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