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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

Does he use an oxygen tank?

a) No
b) Yes
c) Sometimes
Does he throw a spear?
a) Yes, by hand
b) Sometimes
c) No, he uses a spear gun
What propels the spear?
a) Air pressure
b) Rubber
c) A metal spring
What sometimes follows him?
a) Sharks
b) Whales
c) Eels
What do sharks remind him of?
a) Dolphins
b) People
c) Dogs

OK, Michael, you are into spear fishing!
Yes, I enjoy going spear fishing
OK. Can you talk about that a bit.
Yeah, sure. Spear fishing basically is a sport that you dive under the water
with the aid of flippers, wet suit and weights but you don't use oxygen at all it's
all, you hyperventilate before you go down to get your oxygen levels up then
you dive down...yeah, and then you hafta you sometimes hide under rocks or actually
stalk the fish, and when you see a species that is edible and of legal size
you can catch the fish

Oh, Wow. Now spear fishing, does that mean you throw the spear!
No, you use spear guns which uses surgical rubber to propel the spear
you just pull it down to cock it. It's kind of like a crossbow without the
cross piece at the front.

So do you ever see sharks down there?
Yeah, you occasionally see sharks, it depends on where you are. You see a lot of,
there are some sharks called wabby-gones which are harmless sharks and they are actually
quite friendly, and they won't attack you, but if you've caught some fish and you keep them
on your purse and the blood goes into the water it can attract bigger sharks, and a few
times when we've been spear fishing, we've actually had the sharks come down and take the fish
while we're there and it's a little bit scary but the sharks themselves are, they just sit
there and watch you in the water. They're kind of like dogs, they, it's scary because
they follow you, and they look at you, and you turn around and they'll be sitting there
looking at you so most of the time we like to, when we catch the fish, to keep the blood out
of the water we put them on a float that floats a fair way away from actually where you are
fishing as a safety precaution if you know you see too many sharks you just get out of the
water...but no, it's nice and exciting.
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