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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

Where did he do a lot of diving

a) England
b) Thailand
c) Japan
Does he have a diving certificate?
a) Not yet
b) He did
c) He does
What kind of sharks did he see?
a) Mako
b) Whale
c) Hammerhead
Why is the Gulf of Thailand dirty and polluted?
a) Lots of shipping
b) Lots of divers
c) Monsoons
Which sea is cleaner?
a) Both are dirty
b) Gulf of Thailand
c) Adaman Sea

What is your hobby?
I suppose it is scuba diving?
Oh, nice! Well, tell us about scuba diving.
Well, I haven't been for awhile because I have been living in Japan and it's
expensive to do it here, but when I was in Thailand I went scuba diving quite a
lot. I did the PADI certificate. I just love it. I did quite a bit of scuba diving
both in the Gulf of Thailand and the Indian Ocean and saw whale sharks, leopard
sharks and all sorts of things.
How do they compare, the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand?
Well, the Gulf of Thailand is quite polluted and there is a lot of shipping that
comes up from Singapore to Bangkok, whereas the Indian Ocean, it's called the Andaman
Sea but it's part of the Indian Ocean is a lot cleaner but it can be affected by
OK. Great. Thanks Matt.
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