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Why does he eat a lot of sushi?

a) He is on a diet
b) He lost a bet
c) He loves it
Where can he buy sushi?
a) Supermarket
b) Cafe
c) Vending Machine
How do you say Kai-ten-sushi in English??
a) Conveyor Belt Sushi
b) Round-Round Sushi
c) Merry-Go-Round Sushi
How much is a plate?
a) 120 yen
b) 130 yen
c) 140 yen
How many plates does he eat?
a) 10
b) 12
c) 20
OK. Matthew, we are going to talk about food.
What kind of foods do you like?
Well, now I'm in Japan at the moment, Now, I'm eating a lot of sushi.
I've only got two weeks left here so it's kind of suchi three times a week.
Oh, wow! You really love the stuff.
Yeah, it's fun. It's great.
Where do you eat sushi?
Well, we either buy it in a supermarket, kind of buy a tray, about a thousand yen,
or we'll go down to the conveyor belt restaurant just down the side the university
on our way home.

Pick up a few plates.
The conveyor belt restaurant.
I don't know the Japanese word for that. We call it the conveyor belt restaurant.
Yeah, I think in Japanese it's Kai-ten-sushi, but I'm not sure.
When you go to sushi, how much does it cost?
Well, it's 100 yen 30 (130) for one plate, and usually there is two of us that go and
usually we spend about 1 and 1/2 thousand yen (1,500), about ten plates.

Ten plates!
Yeah! We like it!
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