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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

What is Queensland like?

a) Pretty cold
b) Pretty dry
c) Pretty hot
Do you go in the rainforests often?
a) All the time
b) Occasionally
c) Never
Are there really big snakes?
a) Only in the zoo
b) She hasn't seen any yet
c) They are everywhere
How do you feel about Australia?
a) It's OK
b) It's a dump
c) It's a beautiful place to live
How would you compare Japan and Australia?
a) Busy versus laid back
b) The same
c) You can't compare the two
Um..I'm gonna laugh!
OK. Hello!
Hi. What is your name?
My name's Nicola.
OK, Nicola. Where are you from?
I'm from Australia.
Australia! Great! And where are you from in Australia?
I'm from a state called Queensland.
OK. What is Queensland like?
Uh..it's pretty hot. There's a lot of beaches and a lot of rainforests.
Oh, rainforests, really!
Do you go in the rainforest often?
Uh..occasionally my friends and I go hiking there, but not that often.
OK. Are there really big snakes?
Ahhhh..I haven't seen any yet.
OK..that's good. That's good. Um..how do you feel about Australia?
Um.. it's a beautiful place to live. I like travelling..um..so I like..um..seeing
other countries. But when I go home I am always happy to be there.
OK. Yeah, that's nice. I kind of feel the same way about America.
How would you compare Australia and Japan?
Ah, they are very different. Um..Japanese people are quite busy, Australians are pretty laid back.
OK. OK. I see we're just about out of time so anyway thanks.
OK. Thank you.
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