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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.


Where are there lots of paintings ?

a) In the kitchen
b) In the living room
c) In the bedroom
What is in the kitchen?
a) Oven and utensils
b) Table and chairs
c) Microwave
Where is the bookshelf?
a) In the bedroom
b) In the living room
c) In the study
What is in the livingroom?
a) One couch
b) Two couches
c) Pool table
What is a beanbag used for?
a) To throw and catch
b) To lie in and relax
c) To cook and eat

OK. Nicola we are going to talk about your house in Australia?
My house!
Is that OK.
It changes quite often.
OK. How about your last house? The last house you were at.
Let's talk about the kitchen.
OK. What was in the kitchen?
Ah..there were a lot of paintings, actually!
Paintings in the kitchen.
Paintings in the kitchen. Yeah!
Wow! That's..that's really nice.
But there were paintings and then the usual things, like a fridge, and an oven,
and kitchen utensils.

OK. Wow! What was in the living room?
In the living room we had two couches, and a rug, and a big book shelf, and a
bean bag.

A bean bag!
So to sit in, you sit in the bean bag.
Yeah, to sit down, lie, relax.
OK. Nice. What's in the bathroom?
The bathroon we had..it was a small bathroom, there was just a shower, and a
basin, and a cupboard, that was about it.

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