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What is Nobu best at?
a) Kick boxing
b) Karate
c) Grappling
Where did he win a championship?
a) The States
b) Europe
c) Japan
How much did he weigh?
a) 175
b) 185
c) 188
Is a fish-hook legal in grappling?
a) Yes
b) No
What else is barred or prohibited?
a) Kicking
b) Punching
c) Biting


Hey, Nobu! I heard that you practice martial arts! Can you tell me about K1.
Yes. Well, actually, what I practice is a type of martial arts called
mixed martial arts. No holds barred! Mixed martial arts is a mixture of
everything, kick boxing, kick boxing, boxing wrestling, submission fighting, so on and so on.

What are you best at? What do you like practicing?
I am very good at grappling. Grappling is the type of sports that you kill
your opponent's joint and choke him out, or anything like that.

Do you use your hands or your feet a lot?
Hands, feet, legs, every part of your body.
No biting. No biting, no fish-hooking, no groin striking.
What is the fish-hook?
The fish-hook is a kind of illegal movement that you use two fingers. Point finger and
middle finger hooking your nose or eyes. Like that!

Sounds dangerous.
Do you ever compete?
Yes, I compete a lot. Actually, I was, I was a champion back in the states.
In the states!

What kind of champion were you?
Grappling champion.
Grappling champion! What did you win?
Well, I entered this grappling tournament called Western Grappling Tournament.
Uh, I won first place in 185 division, 185 pound division.

All right, that's great! Thanks a lot for that.
Thank you
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