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Does he like to sing?

a) You bet
b) He wishes he could
c) Of course
What kind of dancing does he like?
a) Ordinary
b) Ballroom
c) Tango
What does he like to cook?
a) Meat
b) Pasta
c) Vegetables
Does he like to exercise?
a) Very much so
b) Not really
c) Sometimes
Before, how often did he go to the gym?
a) Every day
b) Never
c) Three times a week


Uh, Norm..do you like to sing?
Uh.. I wish I could sing, but..tuh..no, I don't sing.
Yeah..OK. Neither do I. Uh..do you like dancing?
Yes, I do.
OK. Uh..what kind of dancing do you like?
Oh..just..uh..not ballroom dancing, but just the ordinary one, you know, the..
Yeah, ...just kind of just normal...nothing special.

Nothing special, no. OK. Do you like to cook?
Yes, I do.
OK. What, what do you like to cook?
I like to cook..uh..vegetables, yeah. Vegetables! OK.
And do you like to exercise?
Very much so. I..eh..I go, I used to go to the, the gym three times a week..before..uh.. I arrived in Tokyo.
Yeah, I..I used to go to a gym, but now I just run.
Um, last one! do you like to clean?
I like a clean place, but I don't really like to clean, no!  

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