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What is blue?

a) The sky
b) The sea
c) A pool
What is green?
a) A canoe
b) Grass
c) Trees
What is red?
a) Cherries
b) Apples
c) Tomatoes
What is orange?
a) Carrots
b) The morning sky
c) Oranges
What is white?
a) Milk
b) Snow
c) Paper

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OK, Norm, we're going to talk about colors.
OK. What is blue?
Well, the sky is blue.
OK. And what is green?
Green..uh..my green canoe.
Your green canoe.
Really! OK. That's cool! What is red?
A red apple.
Yeah. What is orange?
An orange sky.
n orange sky! That's nice.
Early morning sky.
Wow, that's really nice. What is black?
Black..uh..black forest for example, you go and the..uh..undergrowth.
OK. Black forest. What is brown?
Brown earth. Brown pathway in the wilderness.
Ooh, that's good. That's a really good one. OK. Last one. What is white?
White snow.
White snow. Do you like the snow?
Very much so.
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