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Does Richard like art?

a) Not really
b) Very much
c) Not at all
What kind of art does he like?
a) Only paintings
b) Sculpture
c) All kinds
What did he paint as a child?
a) Still lifes
b) Country scenes
c) Portraits
What was "idyllic"?
a) The scenes he painted
b) His life
c) The museum
What does he prefer to paint?
a) City life
b) Country life
c) Dogs
Fill in the blanks

OK. Richard, do you like art?
I do. Very much. Yes.
OK. Um, what kind of art do you like?
OK. Well, I like all kinds of art.
When I was young I used to enjoy painting.
OK. What did you paint?
OK. When I was a kid, I was in art class, so it was all
fairly sort of basic standard stuff like country scenes.

Country scenes! So in a country scene, what can you see?
OK, I can see a red house, with a chimney, billowing
smoke..um..green fields , luscious green grass in England.

Wow, so is your..is your home like that in England?
Actually, no! No, It's not in the....we're in the
suburbs of London, we're not really in the country.

And I used to paint sort of idyllic countryside scenes.
OK. Which do you prefer, the country of the city?
Uh..to paint or to live in?
Uh..to paint.
To paint! To paint I prefer the country.
OK. Great.
To live in, I think it is more convenient being,
being near a big city.

OK. Great. Thanks.
Question and Response

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Q4: Do....?

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