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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.


Does he have a camera?

a) Yes, one
b) Not, but he will buy one soon
c) Yes, two
Does he smile when he takes a picture?
a) Always
b) He tries to
c) No
Does he have pictures of himself as a baby?
a) He is not sure
b) Yes, his mother sent him some
c) No, his mom threw them away
Was he a cute baby?
a) Yes, very cute
b) Not really
c) He does not think so
What color was his hair?
a) Blonde
b) Red
c) Black

Richard, do you have a camera?
I do. I have a video camera. It's over there.
Wow! How often do you use it?
I..I use the video camera regularly..uh..everytime I go on a trip. Recently I went to Nagasaki.
With a school trip.
Who..Who did you go to Nagasaki with?
I..I teach at a univeristy called Seisen University. It was a.. a group of students and teachers, and people associated with that university.
OK. Um..do you mind being photographed?
No. I like being photographed
Depending on how I look.
If I'm..If I'm presentable.
When you have your picture taken..ah..do you always smile?
Yes, I think I usually try to smile for the camera..ah.. or else make a funny face
OK. Do you have pictures..um..of yourself as a child?
Yes, I do. My mother sent me some pictures and I have some pictures as a baby, as a small child.
OK. Were you a cute baby?
I think I was extremely cute. Bright blond hair. Still got blue eyes.
I had much blonder hair than I have now.
Very nice. Very nice.
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