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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.


Does he have a dog?

a) Yes, three
b) Yes, two
c) Yes, one
Where did he get it?
a) From a pet shop
b) Through the internet
c) A friend gave it to him
What kind is it?
a) Bull Terrier
b) Golden Retriever
c) Dalmatian
What is the name of the dog?
a) Lucky
b) Rocky
c) Lucy
Why does he think people like dogs?
a) They are cute
b) They are loyal
c) They protect people
Fill in the blanks

Richard, do you have a dog?
We do. That's a very good question for me. I've just recently, actually,
got a new dog..um..his name is Lucky.

And he's a golden retriever.
OK. Nice. OK. In Japan where can I buy a dog?
That's a very good question. OK. You can go to a pet shop, in fact,
we bought the..the dog through the Internet.

Wait..wait. wait..wait! You bought the dog through the internet.
Through the interenet..Yeah! We did a..did a search for a golden retriever.
My wife and I decided we wanted to get a golden retriever.

Wow..Why a golden retriever?
Because we..we like golden retrievers. They're..they're very intelligent dogs.
Are they dangerous?
Mm..I don't think so. If you treat it right.
OK. No, I think they are very nice dogs.
And they..they grow very very quickly. This dog Lucky is growing..
That's true
He's four months old now.
Yeah, they do grow very fast.
And he eats a lot.
Um..which do you prefer, dogs or cats?
I prefer dogs.
They're loyal. They're loyal. Um..when you go home they wag their tail
and seem excited to see you.

That's true. Very true. OK. Thanks.
Question and Response

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Q3: Has...?

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