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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.


Q1: Has he ever been on a double decker bus?

a) A few time
b) No, never
c) Yes, many times
Q2: Where did he used to see them?
a) Only in Liverpool
b) All over England
c) Only in big cities
Q3: What is the minimum fare?
a) Half pound
b) One pound
c) Two pound
Q4: Who does he talk about?
a) The girl by the window
b) The girl at the back
c) The man at the back
Q5: Where does he think this person is going?
a) Home
b) Work
c) Meet friends

OK. Steven, you're looking at a picture. Please describe what you see!
Uh, I can see a red double decker bus.
It's the kind of bus you'll see very often in London. In fact
I know this bus is from London because I can see the names:
Chelsea, Sloan Square, Victoria, Herring Cross. These are all
areas in London. Um, so obviously the bus is in London.

OK. Have you ever been on a double decker bus?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. many times. Many times. When I was younger,
you used to get double-decker all over England but now you only
tend to see them in the big cities.

Oh, really. Mm! How much is the fare?
Well, it depends on the journey. It's..I guess it's not too expensive,
but the minimum price you would pay is, for a short journey,
is about a pound.

Mm, yeah, who can you see on the bus? Can you pick out anyone on the bus who
looks interesting?
Hmm, yeah, well this girl here at the back, that's leaning on the door,
um, she looks really bored, actually. Maybe she is going to work or
something and she doesn't want to go!

Is that how you feel on the bus?
Uh, well, no, not really, because I haven't worked in England for a long time,
so I haven't taken a bus for a long time.

So, so you're British, do you missing them?
Um, yes, sometimes. Sometimes.
OK. Great. Thanks a lot.
No problem.
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