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What can she cook?

a) Pasta and salad
b) Fish and vegetables
c) Omelets
Can she speak any foreign languages?
a) Yes, French
b) A couple
c) No, she can't
Did she study any in high school?
a) No, never
b) Yes, Italian
c) Yes, French
What can she fix?
a) Computer
b) Flat tire
c) Engine
Can she surf?
a) No, it's more difficult than it looks
b) Yes, but not very well
c) Quite well, actually

OK. We're going to talk about things you can do.
Uh..can you cook?
Yes, I can cook.
OK. What can you cook?
Um..I cooked..I can cook cakes. I cooked fish last night with vegetables
Oh, nice! Was it good?
Yeah, it was nice. It was good.
OK. Can you speak any foreign languages?
Uh, no I can't.
No! Did you study any in high school or anything?
Um..I did for a few years but I need to study more.
OK, well, what, what did you study?
Um, I did French for awhile, and German, but that was about it.
Yeah, those are tough. that's tough pronunciation. Yeah. Can you fix things?
Um..yeah I'm quite practical. I can fix things?
OK. What can you fix?
Um, I can fix..uh..I can change a car tire.
Wow! That's good.
Fix a flat tire. Um..I can fix a bike.
OK, nice. And you're a farmer girl.
Now, you're Australian so I have to ask. Can you surf?
Um, no, I can't.
No, I can't.
Oh, wow! That's, that's rare.
I know. I've tried. It's actually more difficult that it looks.
yeah. I'm from California. I know it's..I know. It's tough. OK. Thanks.
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