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What is his hobby?

a) Playing soccer
b) Fantasy soccer
c) Collecting socks
How often does he play?
a) Before..almost everyday
b) Before..three or four times a week
c) Whenver he has time
How come he doesn't play now?
a) He is retired
b) He hurt his leg
c) He got bored with it
Does he watch soccer on TV?
a) No! No time.
b) Sometimes
c) Whenever he can
What is your favorite soccer team?
a) Manchester United
b) Real Madrid
c) Deep Cove Royals

Simon, ah..what is you hobby?
Playing soccer.
Ok. Wow you play soccer?
Of course!
How often do you play?
Ah..now I don't play, but before I played about three or four times a week.
Wow, that's quite a bit. Um..how come you don't play now?
I've retired.
You've retired.
Yeah, I came to Japan. I..I had a soccer team, but now that I work in Japan I
can't play for my soccer team at home.

OK. Ah..do you watch soccer on TV?
These days? No! No time. Always working at Seitoku.
OK. Yeah, we, we all have to work I guess. Um..who is the best soccer player in the world?
Mm..that's hard to say. Ah..right now, there's a kid named Ronaldino for
Brazil. Maybe he will be the best.

OK. Nice. An..and what is you favorite soccer team?
Deep Cove Royals. That's my soccer team.
OK. Great. All right. Thanks a lot.
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