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Is she afraid of mice?

a) Yes, very
b) I used to be
c) No, not actually
What is expensive?
a) Gold
b) Yacht
c) Diamond
What is cheap?
a) Nothing
b) Bananas
c) Rice triangles
What is heavy?
a) Yacht
b) Car
c) Tractor
What is light?
a) Air
b) Socks
c) Feather

OK. Sophie, we're going to talk about..uh..opposites. OK. What is big?
Uh, an elephant.
OK. What is small?
Uh, a mouse.
A mouse, OK. Are you afraid of mice?
Um, no, not actually.
OK. What is expensive?
Um.. a yacht.
A yacht! Have you ever been on a yacht?
Ah, yes, actually I have.
Oh, really! What was it like?
Really! The sea was really rough!
Yes. I was sick.
OK. Oh, that's not fun.
Oh, that's a..that's a..that's bad. OK. Um..what is cheap?
Uh, cheap is onigiri.
Onigiri. What is onigiri?
Onigiri is the best thing to eat in Japan for lunch.
Oh, so it's the, the rice ball.
Yeah, the rice triangle.
Ok, yeah, yeah. That's very good. Good stuff. Um..What is heavy?
Um..a tractor?
Yeah, a tractor is heavy. Ooh, it's getting really loud! Um..uh..what is light?
A feather.
A feather. Oh, that's good. OK. Thanks.
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