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Listen and then click the mouse over
the photo to see the answer to the question.

What part of England is he from?

a) The North
b) The South
c) The East
How many people live in Gawsworth?
a) 100,000
b) 10,000
c) 1,000
When was the last time Steven was there?
a) Last Spring
b) Last Winter
c) Last Summer
Who still lives in Gawsworth?
a) His sister
b) His aunt
c) His parents
Where does his brother live?
a) Near London
b) Near Gasworth
c) Near Liverpool

OK. Hello!
Hello, there!
How are you doing today?
Pretty good.
Um, could you please introduce yourself!
Yeah! My name is Steven. And I come from the north of England.
Oh, really! Where in the north of England?
Uh, a little village called Gawsworth.
Mm-hm. Is it a big place?
Um, no, it's about 10,000 people I think.
Oh, really! Do you go back there often?
Um, not so often. The last time I went back was Christmas.
Oh, really! OK. Did you have a good time?
Yeah, it was very nice. I saw old friends and family and did the usual christmas things.
What actually are the usual christmas things?
Oh, I guess, uh, a lot of eating and a lot of drinking and a lot of laughing. Just general fun and games I guess.
How many of your family members still live in this town?
Um, well they don't actually....my mum and dad live in the town...um, my brother and sister actually live pretty
close to this town, so my family is all in that general area.

Oh, OK. Great. Thanks a lot Steven.

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Q4: Do....?

Q5: Where....?