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Listen and then click the mouse over
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When did Tim start running?

a) 6 years old
b) 16 years old
c) High school
What did Tim run in college?
a) Sprints
b) Middle distance
c) Long distance
When was Tim his fastest?
a) High school
b) University
c) Last year
Why is Tim slowing down?
a) Injury
b) Beer
c) He isn't
Where did Tim grow up?
a) The beach
b) The city
c) The woods


OK, uh, Tim, we're going to talk about running.


Now, we've been running the last couple of nights.

Yeah, that's true. And, uh, your much faster than me.

You're a fast runner.
Um, how often do you run?
Ah, well now I only run about four days a week. But, when I was younger everyday.
Oh, really. Wow! Did you run in high school or college?
Ah, I ran, I started when I was six years old.
No kidding!
And I started running and I ran all through the university.
OK. So what events did you do?
Middle distance, middle distance which is 1,500 meters to 5,000 meters.
Wow! Are you a better short distance runner or long distance runner?
Middle distance runner.
Middle distance. OK, how far is a middle distance?
Oh, 1,500 meters, about.
OK! Ah, what's your fastest time in the 1,500 meters?
Ah, 3.... about 3:47.
Three minutes and forty seven seconds.
That's pretty fast.
Yeah. I did that in high school actually. I wasn't so fast in the university.
Oh, wow, man you can fly?
No I don't feel so bad when you run so much faster than me.
I've been slowing down. I've been drinking beer so I don't run so fast anymore.
Yeah, we're getting older. Actually, um, I'm 33. How old are you?
I'm 27.
27. Oh, OK. So, do you think you'll be running your whole life?
I think so, yeah. I grew up in the woods, everyday in the woods, so I really want to get back
to running in the woods. I think it is really healthy to do.

Yeah. That's nice. OK. Thanks a lot, Tim.

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