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Is Victor afraid to fly??

a) Yes
b) No
c) A little
Does he fly often for his job?
a) Yes, all the time
b) No, never
c) Rarely
Where is he flying to?
a) Washington
b) New York
c) Narita
How long is the flight?
a) 5 hours
b) 12 hours
c) 20 hours
What does he like to do on the plane?
a) Sleep
b) Read
c) Watch movies

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OK, Victor, tomorrow you're flying home.
Yes, that's correct.
OK. So, are you afraid of flying?
No, flying's fine.
Really. Back home, for your job, do you fly?
No, I drive to work and to different assignments.
OK, you never have to fly to go to conventions
or other cities or stuff like that.
Once or twice each year I do fly to go to conventions
connected with my work.

OK. Um, tomorrow you have a really long flight.
That's correct.
It's probably what about 15 hours
From Narita to Washington DC is 12 hours in the air.
So how do you pass the time on the plane?
On the plane I like to sleep as much as possible.
OK. Do you take medication or just have a beer or..?
No, no. I don't take any medication. I just um...
I tend to stay up late the day before so that I'm so
tired I'll want to sleep on the plane.

Well, good strategy and I hope you have a good flight.

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