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Home Below is a summary of what was discussed in previous issues.
October 31st:
This week Terry talks about the bicycle trips he takes across the United States.
This is a 5 part series.
October 24th:
This week ELLLO deals with controversy: The U.S. President, the police, murder,
the death penalty and more.
(not suitable for young learners)
October 17th:
This week Rina talks about being Canadian and Lenanese, cool night clubs in Beirut, her tattooos, and more.
October 10th:
This week Al shares his thoughts on drinking, smoking, the future of movies, and the theories about water!
October 3rd:
This week Jeff discussed higher education, technology, roommates, and a planned adventure.
September 26th:
This week Jeyong from Korea talks about what to wear to the clubs, China compared to the U.S. and much more.
September 19th:
This week Shawn, Brett, and Senum share thoughts on Australia, their classes, family, and much more.
September 12th :
This week Mark talks about his dream home, and the best places to live. Plus Mixer! Hear six views on the same topics.
September 5th:
This week Jeanie from the U.S. talks about her family, meditation, why kids are in gangs, and the influence of Hip Hop music.
August 29th:
This week Alan talks about Vancouver, baking, and the NHL. There is also a new feature: Mixer! Hear six views on the same topics.
August 22nd:
This week listen to Ruth and Akane talk about weightloss, sleeping, cooking, Thai food, and the right to vote.
August 15th:
This week listen to Eucharia talk about Cork, Ireland, the history of Ireland, her love of drama, Shakespeare, and about her new house.
August 8th:
This week listen to Tres talk about being a drummer, his hometown in the U.S., road trips, high school, and travel tips for the U.S..
August 1st:
This week listen to Kate from New Zealand talk about her hometown, being an exchange students, and life growing up.
July 25th:
This week listen to Carla talk about Africa. She talks about her life there and some
interesting creatures she met.
July 18th:
Role play in a restaurant, buying, renting vs. owning, the haircut,
Ruth's fruit of choice, a new game and more!
July 11th:
This week there are three clips talking about family. There is also a game about family. Plus talk of shopping and dessert!
July 4th:
This week Mark talks about popular foods in New Zealand, his family,
his first job, Kiwis and travel, summer in New Zealand.
June 27th:
Steve talks with Andy about his movie web site and his job.
He also talks about soccer and Wales.
June 20th:
Steven talks about England, family life, hiking, and travel. There is a new game and Newsgal
June 13th:
Cleaning up the house, a debate over GM foods, buying a gift, how to get the news,
making plans to see a movie, and Newsgal
June 6th :
How to make egg spaghetti, a role-play in an art gallery, describing a church, a trip to
Portugal, scary movies, a new song, Newsgals, and a look back at pizza.
May 30th:
Beautiful dogs, where to keep your batteries, living in the cold, building things by hand,
holiday cards and two new listening games

May 23rd:
Stay-at home parents, Speaking only English in English class, Cooking for people who can
not cook, Bad bus trips, The joy and pain of running, Newsgal, and a new song.

May 16th: Simon talks about his love-hate relationship with computers, his ideal perfect
day, his thoughts on Sumo, the new Star Wars movie and train travel.
There is a listening game but it is a repeat. I will change it soon.
May 9th: Akane tells Ruth about her background. They also discuss whether children should have
phones and talk about onsens. Ruth also talks about the seasons and her pet peeve.
There is a song and a Newsgal.
May 2nd: Ruth talks about her favorite actor, getting up early, her biggest fear, and a time
she was very embarrassed. She also talks about a special birthday memory.
There is a Newsgal and a game about various kinds of vehicles.
April 24th: Ruth talks about her village in England, her love of bargains, living in Germany,
being a vegetarian, what vegetables she likes, and life in Sweden. There is
also a listening game about materials for clothing, and a Newsgal.
April 17th: Joel talks about two different times he broke something on his body. He also talks a
little about easter. There is a game about the holidays and a game about three guys.
There is a Newsguy and another song by Shaimus.
April 10th: Joel talks about technology, film in class, and the history of April Fool's day.
There is a listening game about three women. There is a song by Shaimus.
There is another Newsguy.
April 3rd: Mark and Mike debate guns. Mike talks about his past jobs. Daniela talks about St. Pat's day
in New Zealand. Joel talks about Thailand. There is a game about flags and a song, too.
There is the second installment of Newsguy.
March 27th: Mark and Mike discuss how to get a date, whether teens have life better now,
the driving age for teens, and Aikido. There is a listening game about a daily diet.
There is the first installment of newsguy and a song about relationships.
March 20th: This week has a special focus on Thailand as Art gives travel tips for the Land of Smiles.
There are three listening games as well: One about an adventure, one about sports balls
and one game about describing hair on women.
March 13th: Simon and Todd talk about the phone, the best way to travel, strong points and weak points,
and a recent earthquake to hit their area. There are two listening games: One about
prepositions and one about phone messages. There is a song, too.
March 7th: Simon talks about a family trip, food service around the world, and makes dinner plans.
Lesie talks about her ill mother. Mike compares America and Canada. Simon and Todd
talk about VW vans. There is a cute song about coffee.

February 28th: Mike talks about the difference between Americans and Canadians, living in New York,
a trip he took to France, and Canada's three main cities. Simon and Todd talk about the newspaper.
Marion and Todd talk about what seasons they like. There is a song, too, by Heather Sullivan.

February 21st: Katrina, a flight attendant, talks about her job, travel, hotels, and Valentine's day.
Marion and Todd discuss sports. Mike gives the history of the necktie. He also talks
about his daily routine. There is a great song about being lazy by Ben Eyler.
February 14th: Marion explains the trash situation. Todd and Marion debate school uniforms.
Simon and Nathan discuss futsal. Howard talks about the movies and his trip to Florida.
Mike and Adrienne discuss fitness. There is a song about relationships.
February 7th: Todd talks about making a sandwich, baseball, getting to the station, and giving directions.
Marion talks about being a teacher and naughty students. Kevin remembers New York.
There are two songs this week. One is folk rock and the other is funk.
January 31st: Marion talks about her country, Ireland, knitting, her time in Australia, and Auzzie animals.
There is a flashback of Aaron talking about animals in Australia, too. Marion also talks about yoga.
Todd talks about food. There is a game about drawing a face.
January 24th: Marion from Ireland talks about food, and a parcel she just received.
There is a listening game about taking a trip and transportation, and a song about love.
Miki, from the U.S. talks about her background, her university, and life as a college student.
January 17th: Vivian, from America, talks about getting old, knitting, being a grandparent, and talking a train trip.
Marion and Todd debate futons and beds. There is a song about rooster, which is pretty funny.
There is also a listening game about fruit.
January 10th: Marion from Ireland talk about her love of crosswords, Venice, her messy room, and her glasses. Dave and Chris from America talk about being married. There is also a song about marriage
and a Flashback activity about it. There is a listening game about part-time jobs.
January 3rd: Eli from England talks about growing up overseas, her love of food, and her future plans.
Kawabe from Japan talks about Pachinko and the difference between Osaka and Japan.
There is a song by Leonie Smith and a listening game about a resort spa.