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What was hard?
a) The chair
b) The bread
c) The noodles
What was in the salad?
a) Tomatos
b) Chicken
c) Onions
What did you she like the most?
a) The wine
b) The salad
c) The pizza
How is pizza different where she lives?
a) It's bigger
b) It's thicker
c) It's thinner
How much did they pay for dinner?
a) 2,000 Yen
b) 2,500 Yen
c) 3,000 Yen
So Adrienne, what did you think of the restaurant?
It was good. The food was tasty. (Uh-huh) but not as good as Italian food at home.
Yeah, I kind of think the same thing. It seemed like the noodles were a little hard,
I guess you can say.
Mmh, yeah. Plastic. (Yeah) Like, yeah, I agree.
Did you like the salad?
Uh, salad was good, but it's hard to mess up salad.
Yeah, although that salad was pretty nice, right. It was chicken and sauce and peppers and stuff so ( and asparagus) Like I can't make that salad. So that was pretty good.
Oh, that's true. I guess your right.
And what did you think about the pizza?
The pizza was delicious. Uh, I would like it to be a little bigger, because pizza at home is usually much bigger but, it was still very good.
Yeah, I forgot, how much was the bill. How much did we pay?
Um, about 3,000 yen I think.
3,000 yen, so what do you think? Is that expensive or cheap or?
That seems pretty standard for Tokyo I think.
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