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How was the weather when she was there?
a) Hot
b) Wet
c) Windy
Why was it easy to learn Spanish?
a) Because she is part Spanish
b) Because she had to use it daily
c) Because she lived there as a child
In what town is her favorite cathedral?
a) Cholula
b) Mexico city
c) Popo
Where is the cathedral located?
a) On the mountain
b) On the pyramid
c) On the volcano
What can you see from the cathedral?
a) The volcano
b) The landscape
c) Both
So, Adrienne, you said you lived in Mexico for awhile?
Mm, I studied there.
Really! (Yeah) You studied in Mexico?
I did. I studied Spanish.
Wow, so what was it like being a student in Mexico?
Ah, it was interesting. The weather was really hot the entire time I was there. Um, and it was very confusing, cause I didn't know the language very well when I first arrived but I learned quickly because I was living in the situation every day where I had to use language so that was really helpful in the end.
So, what were the people like? What was the city like?
Um, the city was small. 1 million people, and that's pretty small. (Yeah) The architecture is very colonial style. It's interesting. Very beautiful, old, a lot of wood and stone and the food was great. Very spicy.
Mm, Mexican food's the best (I think so too) Yeah, and the people?
The people are really friendly, really, really friendly. Big families and they're always inviting you over for dinner, lunch and breakfast, and tea and coffee and chocolate and it's really, it's really a very familial environment.
Mm, What was your favorite place in Mexico?
My favorite place, still, is a town called Cholula. It's a very small town. That has a pyramid, and Aztec pyramid with a cathedral on top of it and it has views of the mountains, the volcano and, um, just beautiful landscape all around. It's a great place to watch the sunset.
What volcano?
Po! They call it Popo, but the full name I think is Popocatepetl. It's an Aztec name.
Oh, sounds like a nice place.
It's beautiful.
Ah, any plans to go back to Mexico soon?
Of course. I always want to go back but whether I actually make it in the next year or two, I don't know.
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