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What month were they born?
a) September
b) October
c) November
How much younger is Jessica?
a) 10 years
b) 12 years
c) 14 years
Who does not know what Libra means?
a) Todd
b) Jessica
c) Both of them
What is a libra person like?
a) Active
b) Aggressive
c) Mellow
Who is probably more mellow?
a) Jessica
b) Todd
c) Neither
Ah, hello, Jessica.
Hi, Todd.
Jessica, when were you born?
I was born October 6th, 1981. (Wow, 1981) Yeah, that's right.
Man, you're young. Whoo! I'm an old guy.
I'm 22 so.
Wow! My birthday is October 2nd, 1969, so we have over 10 years between us.
Yeah, that's right.
OK, so we're both libras. (Right) Actually, I don't even know, what is libra?
People say, oh, you're a libra? What does that mean?
Well, Libra I think is just balance. Right, so we don't, we're not extreme, neither one way nor another, so we keep that kind of happy medium all the time and we don't ever freak out and we're just
kind of mellow. Just very equal.

OK. So were very mellow, very equal.
I think so. Kind of a nice equilibrium.
OK, well you've worked with me awhile. Am I mellow?
I don't know. Yeah, I think so I think so (maybe not, maybe not) I think so, yeah, no, definitely.
Maybe I go against the sign. (Right) OK, how about you? Are you mellow?
I think so. When it comes, cause I don't tend to go one extreme or the other. Just kind of straight off.
Even keel. That's right.

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