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Where does she wear her slippers?
a) At home
b) At work
c) In the gym
Where did she buy them?
a) In Japan
b) In America
c) In China
What are humongous?
a) Her shoulders
b) Her budget
c) Her feet
How much were the pants?
a) 15 dollars
b) 50 dollars
c) 90 dollars
What was the most expensive item she bought?
a) The slippers
b) The pants
c) The shirt (blouse)
Jessica, I see you're wearing a cute outfit! (Thanks Todd) OK, so where did you get you clothes?
Uh, well, I got these in the states actually, and if you ever want to borrow them you can?
Thanks, thanks. I think we're maybe not the same size.
Right, right, a little different. Yeah, the slippers are kind of a nice touch to it. We have to wear slippers where we work, so even though we work inside a university building, and we go outside actually, everything's in slippers.
OK, so you got the slippers in the states?
Ah, yeah, I got the slippers in, because my feet are so humongous that I would not be able to get...
They're not that big!
There size ten.
Ooh, that's (That's pretty big) Yeah, Yeah OK. Well, they look comfortable.
They are. They are. They're like clogs.
OK, and where, the pants? (Express) Express is a store?
Is a store, in America, yeah. Just a, kind of, they're business, business casual.
How much did you pay?
Ooh, too much I think! About 50 dollars U.S. (for pants?) for pants, but they're
I've never paid 50 dollars for pants in my entire life. (No! Really!) Well it shows, my fashion sense.
Um, and your shirt, your blouse?
I got it from, from, Learners, which is also another store in the states, and this was like
actually 35 dollars

35 dollars! (Yeah) You spend a lot of money on clothes.
No, I don't though. I just, for business clothes. You have to have professional looking clothes so..
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