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Who is she going on the trip with?
a) No one
b) Her friend
c) Her brother
Where will she fly to and from?
a) chicago to Cordoba
b) Chicago to Beunos Aires
c) New York to Cordoba
How long will she stay?
a) One month
b) One week
c) Two weeks
What does she want to see?
a) The Andes
b) The Southern Tip
c) Argentine cowboys
Where does her friend live?
a) Chicago
b) Cordova
c) Beunas Aires
Hey, uh, Jessica, what are you plans for the summer?
This summer! I think I'm going to go on a trip with my brother to Argentina. Uh, we are still making the plans to go but I think we're going to go for two weeks. And we're probably going to go from Chicago, because that's where he lives, to Buenos Aires and then go north to the city of Cordoba, which is the second largest city in Argentina, so, and then from there I'd really like to go and see some gauchos, which are Argentine cowboys, so I think that that would be really cool, and have some barbeque and see everything that we can, so..
Cool! Are you going to work your way down to the southern tip?
I don't think we're going to just because I have a buddy of mine that lives in the north, in Cordoba, and I think it's so far from the north to the south, just cause it's such a long country that he said by bus it would take something like some ungodly amount of hours and so, I don't know, if two weeks, I think that would be a little bit ambitious, try to cover it all so.
OK, do you know anybody in Argentina?
Yeah, yeah, my one friend who lives there. I definitely want to go there and visit him. Oh, so your friend already lives there.
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