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Who does she have sushi with?
a) Her girlfriend
b) Her boyfriend
c) Her students
When does she eat sushi ?
a) Monday and Thursday
b) Tuesday and Friday
c) Saturday and Sunday
Where does she get the sushi ?
a) A restaurant
b) A sushi shop
c) A supermarket
What did she try and not like?
a) Uni
b) Ikura
c) Natto
What did Todd say about uni?
a) He liked it
b) He never tried it
c) He didn't like it
Hey, Jessica, what are you going to have for dinner tonight?
Tonight is sushi night.
Oh, you're going to sushi.
Well, actually no. My girlfriend and I, we buy sushi every Tuesdays and Fridays, and those are sushi night. (Oh, Wow) Yeah, Yeah. It's because, well we buy it in the supermarket and bring it home cause it's cheaper than eating in a restaurant.
Yeah, it is a lot cheaper. (Yeah) OK, what sushi do you eat?
Well, we always buy the box, which has a little bit of everything. And I'm never quite sure what any of it is. I know there's a piece of salmon in there. Some octopus, or squid. Um, and then from that point on I'm not quite sure what anything else is, but it's all delicious, so I eat it all, and then we also have rolls, so we buy just different rolls. Actually, last week we tried natto. Have you ever tried that before?
Yeah, it's gross.
It's the most vile, disgusting food you can ever possibly eat, so I definitely don't recommend that but.
Well, have you had uni?
I have not.
Uni is gross. (as well) Uni is sea urchin and it looks like an orange tongue.
Oh, I've seen that. Is that what that is?
Yeah, stay away from that.
I will. I definitely will.

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