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What does she have by her desk?
a) Poster of Beckham
b) Beckham figurine
c) Book about Beckham
What does she think is handsome about him?
a) Everything
b) Nothing
c) A few things
What does she not like about his appearance?
a) His hair
b) His tattoo
c) His smile
What color are his eyes?
a) Blue
b) Green
c) She does not know
How old is David Beckham?
a) Same age as his wife
b) One year older than his wife
c) One year younger than his wife
Um, Lois, I noticed that you have a poster of David Beckham by your desk.
Uh, yes I do. I think that David Beckham is quite a handsome man. I also think that he is
a very, very talented footballer, although his recent performance in Euro 2004 was maybe not
quite what it should have been, he did miss two penalties but, I think in the past he has been a
very good role model for people in England and a very good footballer.
So what is it about David Beckham that everyone thinks is handsome?
Everything about him is perfect. He's got a lovely body, great hair, when he has hair, and then
when he doesn't have hair, he has a great shaped head. The only thing I don't really like about his
body is his tattoos. He's just had a new tattoo on the back of his neck, and I think it is a cross
with some Angels wings on it, and I don't think that is very nice, but apart from that I would say
that he is perfect.
Uh-huh! Well, what color are his eyes?
I have not idea what color his eyes are! Um, no! I'm guessing brown but, I don't know.
OK, and how tall is he?
How tall is he? Taller than me, but I don't know how tall he is either.
No details, details. So do you think David Beckham is a better football player or a better model?
Whoa! Tricky! Um, possibly at the moment a better model, and maybe he should spend less time
concentrating on that and more time on his football.
Mm! Well, how old is he now?
I think he's about 29. Yeah, because his wife just turned 30 a couple of months ago, and he's one
year younger, so he's 29.
Does he have any children?
He has two children. I don't know how old they are. One is called Brooklyn and the other one is called Romeo, not really sure where they got their names from, but yeah, two young children.
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