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How many days a week did she work?
a) Two days
b) Three days
c) Just one, Saturday
How much did she earn?
a) Less than 2 pounds per hour
b) More than 2 pounds per hour
c) 177 pounds a day
How did she get to work?
a) By car
b) By bus
c) By train
How much money was she saving?
a) 10 pounds a week
b) 5 pounds a week
c) Nothing
How many stores did she work at ?
a) 1 store
b) 2 stores
c) 3 stores

Lois, what was your first job?
The first job I had was a sales assistant in a shoe shop. (Oh, shoes) Shoe shop, yeah! When I was fifteen,
I got my first job and I used to work every Saturday for maybe 8 hours a day and I used to earn, 1 pound 77 pence
per hour. (It doesn't sound like very much) No, so in England now, the minimum I think is maybe 5 pounds.
(Oh, wow!) So by the time I'd got the bus to Bournemouth,the town, and bought my breakfast at Mcdonald's,
and then gone out for lunch and then got the bus home, I had no money left, but at the time cause I got paid at the
end of the month , I always thought I had money, because suddenly all this money would appear in my bank account,
but then I would have already spent it all, within the day of work.
Wow. So how long did you last at this job?
I worked all together I think in three different shoe shops, so the first one I worked in for a year and then that one closed down,
so then they moved me to another one, the same company, and then from that one I moved to another one , but then I had to
leave my job when I had to do my exams at school cause I needed to study.

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