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When is she going home?
a) July
b) August
c) September
What is she going to teach?
a) Primary school
b) Junior high
c) High school
What subjects will she teach?
a) She does not know yet
b) All subjects
c) Just math
What age range of children will she be able to teach ?
a) 3 to 5
b) 5 to 11
c) All ages
Where has she taught children before?
a) London
b) Prague
c) Tokyo
Word Puzzle
Fill in the missing words

Uh, Lois, when are you going back to London, or England?
I'm going back on the 30th of July.
OK, that's coming up pretty soon.
Just four more weeks. Four weeks from today, I'll be on the plane, on my way home.
OK, when you go home, what are you going to do?
Ah, in September I'm going back to college because I want to be a primary school teacher in England,
so I have to do a one year course to qualify and then hopefully I'll start teaching the next September
back in England.

OK, and what are you going to teach?
So, I'm teaching primary so that's all subjects. I'm teaching science and English and math and maybe some
French and sports and music and any other subjects they do at eight years old.

So, how old will the students be?
So I will be trained to teach from 5 to 11, and hopefully I will teach 7 or 8 year olds.
Mm, you like kids?
I hope so. Yeah, when I worked in Prague I taught some children's classes and I really, really enjoyed them,
so hopefully I will like it in England as well.
(Mm) Although it will be a bit different because I'll have maybe
twenty five or thirty students in a class so it might be slightly different to the twelve when I was in Prague.

That's a lot. What made you decide to become a teacher?
I'm not really sure because my mother was a teacher and she's trying really hard to convince me that I shouldn't
do it because she thinks its too much work but I enjoy talking to people and being around children and teaching so
hopefully it will be nice for me.

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